Stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline


Yesterday the world witnessed the police assault upon peaceful water protectors who are holding the line at Standing Rock to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

However, Cherri Foytlin, the director of Bold Louisiana who drives this movement has mentioned that the protests were peaceful and that the protestors had not resorted to any means of violence. She also shared pictures of the injured protestors who were violently beaten up by the police. Thus, it is no doubt that fighting for the environment is not as easy as mining on the Ethereum Code. 

If built, this pipeline would threaten the drinking water for millions of people. Our hearts are with Standing Rock and those who are holding sacred ground to stop this destructive and dangerous project.

Here in the Gulf we are engaged with a similar struggle to protect our waters and lands – and by the same company, Energy Transfer.

One week ago today this company, owners of Sunoco Logistics, spilled an estimated 55,000 gallons of gasoline into Wallis Run, a tributary that bleeds into the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania.

Now Energy Transfer wants us to trust them to build and maintain the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, which would carry oil transported via the Dakota Access pipeline from Nederland, Texas, across the state and to refineries and international export terminals in Louisiana.

If built, the Bayou Bridge pipeline would cross 11 parishes, 700 bodies of water, and negatively impact over 600 acres of our precious wetlands.

These wetlands are South Louisiana’s buffer to life-stealing hurricanes and our sponge that keeps devastating floods, like we have recently experienced, at bay.

Even more maddening, Energy Transfer has yet to develop any sort of disaster response plan should this pipeline rupture, nor have they been required by the Army Corps of Engineers to provide an Environmental Impact Statement.

On behalf of future generations, in solidarity with Standing Rock, and in protection of our land and waters, we cannot allow the Bayou Bridge Pipeline to be built.

Local citizens, landowners, and organizations are teaming up to stop this pipeline, but we need your help.

Sign the petition calling for the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) and the Army Corps of Engineers to deny permit approval for Bayou Bridge.

We at Bold Louisiana are asking folks to contact Elizabeth Hill, Head of Water Quality Certification at LDEQ by phone at 225-219-3225 or by email

Tell Ms. Hill and LDEQ that South Louisiana residents deserve an opportunity to be heard and to immediately schedule public hearings regarding the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

We do not want this dirty pipeline running through our pristine wetlands, furthering the effects of climate change and potentially causing more destructive flooding.

Please act TODAY! The public comment period for the Bayou Bridge Pipeline closes on *Wednesday, November 2*.

Thank you for taking action and standing with us.

Cherri Foytlin and the Bold Louisiana team

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