Planning to Take Home Loan: Things You Should Know

Planning to Take Home Loan: Things You Should Know

Everybody’s dream is to buy a home.  We plan and save a lot towards making this dream true.  We bring this useful guide on a home loan.  Read on to know all the details you should know about home loans:

Generally, you can get a home loan for up to 90% of the value of the proposed home you want to buy.  This also depends upon your income and age factor. Home loans are generally available for tenures ranging from 10 to 15 years.  Depending on the banker these may slightly vary.  However, take care of the following points while opting for a home loan:


  1. The right age to get a home loan: Any loan limits the age of borrower to 58.  At the most this can be extended to the age of retirement -say for one or two years.  The earlier you get a loan, you can get a large repayment tenure.  If you avail a home loan at least when you are 35, you get a reasonable long repayment tenure. If you postpone your loan this will be reduced.  Say at 45 years, bankers will not consider giving more than 10 years of repayment tenure.


The advantage of having a longer tenure is your EMI will be low.  Imagine paying 350 dollars per month for 15 years (or) 600 dollars for ten years.  When the EMI is too high managing your other monthly expenses will become tough.  So, plan and start saving early.  By investing in attractive options like Bitcoin code you can earn huge profits.  By the age of 30, this will enable you to pool a reasonable fund for repayment.


  1. Margin: Most banks require 10 to 25% of the amount to be borne by you.  The more income you earn, the lower margin they demand.  So, try increasing your earning capacity.  You can complete certifications to improve chances of getting promotion and hikes.  Or you can use your hobby to generate more income.  In addition to your regular job, you can start a business.


  1. 3. Interest: Check the market and get the most attractive terms for your home loan.  Opt for a floating interest rate since the interest rate trend is downward globally.


  1. Preclosure charges: Preclosing the loan will incur your loss if the charges are too high.  If you have proposed investments which might mature at future date, and if you propose to use these to pay off your loans, it is always advantageous to go in for a loan with a low preclosure penalty.
  2. Insurance: Most banks insist on personal as well as property insurance.  If you take up home loan beyond 45 years, certainly you will incur more towards insurance premium.
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Set A Financially Independent Life Style

Set A Financially Independent Life Style

We have always wondered why being financially independent is important. It gives a lot of liberty to live a life in a way we want it to be. We need not worry about expenses that are bound to occur in a time that we really do not expect. We can plan on a holiday any time we want. We can plan for our establishments like businesses and houses that require a lot of time generally. There is a great way to start everything. We have to make sure we are good in terms of our financial extremes so that we can work on our attempts in a relaxed and energetic manner.

It is also very much necessary that we have a comfortable life in all ways. We cannot expect a function to occur or a disastrous event to bind us. In such extreme situations, we should always be getting surplus money to work on the resolutions. As a matter of fact, we will have to see all the different ways to create a secure life. This will help us to live a stress-free life. We have to explore the different options too. We have many in hand.

Share markets, commodity markets, and cryptocurrency markets are very good and efficient means of investments. We will have to choose the best that will suit our needs and expectations. Life seems to be very convenient moving forward. Cryptocurrencies are of the best means to invest and make money securely. We have good encryption methods to hold the sanctity of our financial and personal information. But, because it is completely a new concept we cannot understand the processes and we do not know how to handle it too.

We have auto trading robots that can help us in this regard. Bitcoin Loophole is one of the best found in this manner. Check out this to know more. It can analyze the market and advice on what exactly needs to be done. It has interactive features that help us to navigate through the different options available and take the most efficient decision. It has all the intriguing matters handled diligently within the entire system. It has a good customer service team that can help us with our queries in whatever manner possible in whichever time required. Start investing and earn the maximum in the best manner possible.

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How Financial Service Firms get Benefits from Digital Marketing

How Financial Service Firms get Benefits from Digital Marketing

Technological advancement brings a noticeable change in the world economy. Impact of globalization and internet has brought the world comes under an umbrella, and a lot of changes came in traditional ways, such as communication. In other words, the world is shifting from an analog to digital world. The impact of the cell phone revolution has brought about a lot of changes in human life, by using smartphones any people can access information online from any place or any time in the world. After the rise of the digital world, most of the business changed their business models to fit an online platform. Each and every business firms faced competitions to gain a share in the online marketplace.

As compared with traditional business strategies, we can see every business firm have a new digital business strategy in order to stay relevant to its customers and remain competitive with other businesses within the same space. The new online investing strategies such as digital marketing strategies will help you to make more profit and business growth. The business firm should provide information regarding their products which will give valuable insight about the products to the customers. Nowadays a lot of people use online services so it is very difficult to manage this large number of people.  By using an automated system you can solve this problem thereby increasing the profit of the firm. The automated systems such as mobile-based applications have helped the financial services and also to get closer to their customers. The digital marketing strategies can also bring growth in the marketing field.

What Are the Benefits of Digital Marketing Strategies?

  • Cost Effective

In old days we used traditional marketing methods such as television, print media, and radio to communicate our marketing message. But with the rise of digital media such as social media, an email campaign can reach a broader audience at an affordable cost.

  • Credibility

The people always search for reputed financial institutions to invest their money, so trust is a crucial aspect in handling the people’s assets and savings. Digital marketing always promotes customer interaction and engagements in online financial services. This will build the credibility of digital marketing services.

  • Increased Sales

Sales are important for every business both traditional and online marketing. A good marketing strategy increases the sale of the business and through the digital media business firms can reach their customers easier. So, an efficient digital marketing strategy attracts more customers and this will automatically increase the revenue of the business.



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12 Facts That You Should Know About HB Swiss  

12 Facts That You Should Know About HB Swiss  

  1. Creator – It is an automated trading robot that was developed by Hans Berger, a financial expert with good professional experience and practical knowledge in the field of trading. He along with his team of Swiss professionals has created the software along with the continuous guidance from Bastian Hermann, a friend and an expert in the subject of quantum physics. 
  1. About – The software operates based on an advanced trading algorithm, quantum computing models, and the principle of continuous equations that may seem difficult to comprehend to any user. However, users will only have to deal with its interface, which is very user-friendly to use and navigate. 
  1. Speed – The software runs at incredible speed and calculates and processes results almost instantaneously. Thanks to the high executing power of the trading robot that is able to operate at an accuracy level of more than 87%.  
  1. Initial Cost – The initial cost of any software revolves around its acquiring cost, downloading cost, and operation/maintenance fee. However, since this software is completely web-based and requires no download from the web, it is free of cost.  
  1. Getting Started – In order to start trading on this software, you will need to register on its official website and claim your trading spot. The second step in the process is then getting assigned to a reputable broker to assist you with your trading. The final step is to make an initial minimum deposit of €250, which will be utilized only for your trading activities.  
  1. Compatibility – The software is compatible with most of the operating systems including Android and iOS.  
  1. Performance – In addition to guaranteeing high and profitable returns on investment, the software ensures that it delivers high-quality performance.  
  1. Reliability – It is, by all means, one of the most reliable trading brokers as of today. It has immense growth potential because of the algorithm’s learning capability. Access to more trading data makes it more accurate every day.  
  1. Profitability – Earning profits is a sure and easy thing with this automated trading software. The results are usually high and never disappointing because the working algorithm is based on the deadly combination of both banking proficiency and trading.  
  1. ROI – The return on investment (ROI) is pretty high here. The software has enabled users to even earn an amount of €5,000 within a day to consistent traders.  
  1. Customer Support – Traders can avail assistance any time of the day from the platform’s dedicated supporting team through phone, e-mail, or web form.  
  1. Conclusion – The trading platform is 100% legit and profitable that has the ability to multiply profits to all consistent users.   
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Facts That You Should Know About Olymp Trade

Facts That You Should Know About Olymp Trade 

The software is a binary trading options robot/broker. It was launched in the year 2014 with its headquarters located at Seychelles. Currently, the software allows its traders to trade only with two major classes of assets including currencies and commodities. On the other hand, this is relatively one of the new software that is yet to gain popularity among the usual traders. Hence, there is an air of doubt in the minds of the traders, both the amateurs and the professionals.  

The Highlighting Features 

  • It is a secure platform for trading.  
  • It offers numerous bonuses that are munificent to its new clients.  
  • It also scores decently in terms of broker reliability compared to it being a new software.  
  • The software offers its users with a free demo trading, which can be accessed after registering on its portal and making the minimum deposit of 10 USD.  
  • Traders are allowed to learn and practice trading strategies and identify trading limits using their demo accounts.  
  • It allows users to customize the settings as per their trading preference.  

The Money Involved 

The software is available for use free of cost. There are no downloads that are required nor are there are joining fee. However, users are requested to make a minimum deposit of 10 USD to begin their trading venture to keep away the non-serious traders. This minimum deposit will in turn act as an opening balance in your trading account, which you can use to trade. Hence, there is no loss of any money involved.  

Return on Investments  

The trading platform guarantees a minimum of 80% returns on the invested amount.  

Disadvantages of the Software 

  • Currently, there is not enough data to satisfy the intriguing minds of the traders.  
  • A few traders have claimed to experience delays during their transactions.  
  • It is yet to acquire a fan base and improve its reliability in terms of its brokers.  
  • The software is inbuilt with only a very small list of trading tools, thereby hampering the flexibility factor.  
  • It also needs to expand its binary options trading assets catalog.  
  • The withdrawal procedures are a bit hazy and need to be fine-tuned. Moreover, the verification process needs to be strengthened.  

The Closing Statement 

Based on several independent testing reviews of the software, it may be concluded that it is one of the safest and the most secure trading portal where users are sure to maximize their gains and earning potential.  

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Cryptocurrency in the Automobile World

For all the automobile lovers but not the so-called digital currency lovers, here is the good news – you can do a lot more than staying updated with the latest technology trends and news from the automobile industry. Read the below article to find out how you can make the best use of digital currencies, otherwise known as the cryptocurrencies. 

  1. You can buy some of the world’s most popular cars using cryptocurrencies, especially with bitcoins.  
  1. You can also go environmental friendly and buy electric vehicles using your earned/mined cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, you can use your cryptocurrencies at charging stations to charge your electric cars or to simply buy charging cables.  
  1. Moreover, you can use your digital currencies to avail environmental friendly touch-up paints to cover the dents and minor scratches on your automobile.  
  1. Further, you can even buy used cars, in addition to new cars based on your buying preference.  
  1. You can even rent the latest sports and luxury cars from 90 different cities of Europe, the world’s most famous hub for automobiles, and these include the Bentley, Aston Martin, Hire Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati, and Range Rover.  
  1. You can even buy some of the most expensive and high-in-demand auto spare parts and accessories for your car. You will even find accessories for all your race cars as well.  
  1. Additionally, you can scout through numerous tire sources and buy the one that best fits and suits your car. You will find the accessories to go with it at the same place.  
  1. Interestingly, you can buy, sell and even trade vehicles, both new and old, in addition to its parts and accessories. 
  1. You can even buy new and old motorcycles and scooters. Moreover, accessories and spare parts are not just limited to cars, but people can also buy these for their scooters and motorcycles.  
  1. Nowadays, car leasing companies are accepting cryptocurrencies as their payment mode from car leasers and contract hires.  
  1. Additionally, even small-scale auto designers and manufacturers are accepting cryptocurrencies as one of their preferred means of payment. 
  1. Exploring further, people have the option to buy hybrid/tribrid micro cars that are powered by a pedal, solar, gas, and even electric.  

So, now the next question in mind is how and where to gain a few cryptocurrencies? For this, there are several online trading and investment instruments that deal specifically with cryptocurrencies, for example, the Crypto Trader. You can use these to your benefit to mining the maximum number of digital currencies. 

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Press Release: Radical Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan will Heighten Spill Risks for U.S. Coastal Areas

Gulf of Mexico (May 6, 2010) — Dark clouds of smoke and fire emerge as oil burns during a controlled fire in the Gulf of Mexico. The U.S. Coast Guard working in partnership with BP PLC, local residents, and other federal agencies conducted the “in situ burn” to aid in preventing the spread of oil following the April 20 explosion on Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Deepwater Horizon. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Justin Stumberg/Released)


Radical Five-Year Offshore Drilling Plan will Heighten Spill Risks for U.S. Coastal Areas

Plan Poses Huge Risk to Coastal Economies, Businesses and Marine Life in Previously Undeveloped Waters.

Washington —  The Trump Administration is ignoring sound science and broad public input in an exhaustive recent review, in its proposed Five-Year Plan for offshore oil and gas leasing released today. The proposed plan promises “severe and unacceptable harm” to America’s publicly-owned oceans, coastal economies, public health, climate and marine life —all in a bid to pursue dubious energy sources that America does not need, according to Bold Alliance and a coalition of 64 groups that signed onto a joint statement released today.

The proposed drilling plan unveiled by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke would radically expand offshore drilling in new areas of the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Arctic waters, and auction off permanently protected areas.

The protections in the current five-year plan are based on scientific analysis and a multi-year public comment process, whereas the Trump Administration’s hastily concocted proposal is rife with unsubstantiated claims, faulty economics, and runs roughshod over documented public opinion. Specifically, the proposal would expose the Arctic waters–our last undeveloped ocean—to drilling, put the Atlantic coast on the chopping block for the first time since 1983, open the Pacific coast–which has not seen federal drilling for decades, and further threaten the debilitated Gulf of Mexico.

The groups’ joint statement follows:

“These ocean waters are not President Trump’s personal playground. They belong to all Americans and the public wants them preserved and protected, not sold off to multinational oil companies.

The Trump Administration’s plan to unleash the dangers of drilling offshore is a major, unacceptable risk to hundreds of local communities, their coastal economies, and marine life.”

This extreme proposal is a shameful give-away that would sacrifice coastal communities, its economies, and our publicly-owned ocean waters.

Drilling threatens to coat our beaches with oil spills, pollute our air, decimate fisheries, interfere with military training, and keep citizens bound to the whims of foreign oil markets.

There is no need to force coastal residents to shoulder these risks. The nation can meet its energy needs and grow jobs by investing in clean, renewable domestic sources like wind and solar that never run out. We can cut pollution, and keep profits right here at home—not in the pockets of oil industry executives and foreign governments.

No community should have to live every day under the threat of an oil spill that could destroy tourism, shutter hundreds of local businesses, throw thousands out of work, and decimate traditional ways of life. We cannot afford another crippling Gulf of Mexico disaster—off the shores of Louisiana, the Carolinas, New England, Alaska, California or anywhere else.

The Trump Administration should heed the public call to preserve our ocean waters and turn back from this reckless, unnecessary expansion of offshore drilling that puts America and marine life last and the bottom lines of private oil companies first.”

With the backing of science, economics, clean energy leaders, local businesses, and the vast majority of Americans, President Obama permanently protected most of the Arctic Ocean and a chain of deep sea canyons in the Atlantic Ocean, stretching from the Chesapeake Bay to Canada’s border, from dirty and dangerous offshore oil drilling. He also removed the entire Arctic and Atlantic from the five-year leasing plan.

Americans have rejected the Trump Administration’s move to abandon the Obama Administration’s approach by expanding dirty and dangerous offshore drilling and energy exploration. That opposition includes tens of thousands of local businesses and hundreds of thousands of commercial fishing families that depend on clean coasts, the majority of Americans, over 130 coastal municipalities, many Alaska Natives, bi-partisan lawmakers at the local, state and federal levels, and a host of faith and conservation leaders.

In addition, there are several missing links in the Trump’s Environmental Protection Plan, which raises the question of how effective the federal protection plans are for the land and waters of USA. However, the task is not as easy as mining Bitcoins using the automated Bitcoin Code software and hence the fight is expected to continue in full swing.  

Here is the alphabetical list of the 64 signers of the joint statement:
Alaska Wilderness League, Alliance for Climate Education, America Verde, American Littoral Society, Americans for Conservation & the Arts, Azul, Blue Frontier, Bold Alliance, California Coastkeeper Alliance, California League of Conservation Voters, Center for Biological Diversity, Checks & Balances Project, Clean Ocean Action, Clean Water Action, Climate Hawks Vote, The Climate Reality Project, Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, Conservation Law Foundation, Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship, Corazon Latino, Defenders of Wildlife, Earthjustice, Environment America, Environment California, Environment New Jersey, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Florida Conservation Voters, Friends of the Earth, Gasp, Green Latinos, Greenpeace, Gulf Restoration Network, Hands Across the Sand, Hip Hop Caucus, Inland Ocean Coalition, Institute for Ocean Conservation Science at Stony Brook University, Latino Farmers and Ranchers, League of Conservation Voters, League of Women Voters of the United States, Marine Conservation Institute, Maryland League of Conservation Voters, Massachusetts League of Conservation Voters, Natural Resources Defense Council, New Jersey League of Conservation Voters, New York League of Conservation Voters, NextGen America, North Carolina League of Conservation Voters, Oceana, Oil Change International, Oregon League of Conservation Voters, The Power Shift Network, Sachamama, Save Our Shores, Sierra Club, Surfrider Foundation, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Vermont Conservation Voters, Vermont Natural Resources Council, Virginia League of Conservation Voters, Voces Verdes, Washington Conservation Voters, Washington Environmental Council, and The Wilderness Society.

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More Actions

The potential trigger for our Bayou Bridge Pipeline Pledge of Resistance is if work begins in earnest on the pipeline across Louisiana.

The Bayou Bridge pipeline — a sister project proposed by Energy Transfer Partners to connect the flow of oil from its Dakota Access pipeline — would cross 700 bodies of water, through 11 Louisiana parishes, including the drinking water of 300,000 families.

The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is a combined business venture that was initiated by Energy Transfer Partners and Phillips 66 PartnersEnergy Transfer has the majority of the ownership in this projectAlthough the construction is expected to be carried out in two phases, conflicts have been going on for now since the inception of the IQ Option review 

With only 12 permanent jobs on the table, this pipeline is all risk for the citizens of Louisiana, with all the rewards going to a Big Oil corporation.

We are at the point where men and women of conscience must step forward. In the tradition of other great American struggles for freedom, from the March to Montgomery for Voting Rights, to the Farm Crisis when farmers stood with their neighbors to block foreclosure auctions, to the Native-led resistance at Standing Rock, we are asking people to stand for what we believe is right through acts of nonviolent civil disobedience to stop the Bayou Bridge pipeline.

As was the case when over 100,000 Americans signed the pledge to resist the Keystone XL Pipeline, now is the time for us to pledge to resist the Bayou Bridge Pipeline. (1)

Our sister organization, Bold Iowa, launched the Dakota Access Pipeline Pledge of Resistance (2), that recruited thousands of Water Protectors to commit to participating in nonviolent direct actions to stop construction on the pipeline in Iowa, and actions that resulted in nearly 100 arrests. (3)

We ask you to commit, should it be necessary, to engage in serious, dignified, nonviolent civil disobedience that could get you arrested.

Click here to sign the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Pledge of Resistance.

Specifically, we are asking you to pledge, if construction of the Bayou Bridge Pipeline begins across Louisiana, to either:

  1. Come to one or more designated locations and risk arrest to physically stop pipeline construction, or
  2. Join with others who are supporting those risking arrest by volunteering or donating to assist with these actions, and amplifying their message by sharing them with your own personal networks.

If you are able to pledge to participate in taking direct action, it is impossible to say exactly where our action will be most needed and most effective. This is and will remain, by design, a moving target. If you are able to commit to risk arrest during an act of nonviolent civil disobedience, we ask you to sign this pledge with the understanding that, when called upon, you will do everything possible to join the landowners, tribes, and others who are in this fight for the long haul.

You can pledge to participate in actions — or, you can pledge to support those taking direct action.

(Click here to chip in $5, $8, $20 or whatever you can to support the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Pledge of Resistance.)

We’ll need many volunteers to help organize these actions, and funds to help produce trainings so local leaders and activists can get the tools they need to organize an action near them.

The most important thing for our Pledge of Resistance is that all of us are ready to spring into action when needed, and that the threat of mass civil disobedience to block construction on the Bayou Bridge Pipeline becomes credible, known and continues to grow.

On Thursday, Jan. 5, more than 400 Water Protectors turned out to stand in solidarity and testify at a public hearing against the Bayou Bridge pipeline, organized by the Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Over 200 attended the final public hearing on Feb. 8 in Napoleonville, Assumption Parish held by the Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources.

This decision affects all of us, wherever we live. So we want to engage everyone who cares about protecting our land, water and climate to join our efforts to stop the pipeline.

You shouldn’t make this pledge lightly. We certainly don’t ask lightly. We ask in the belief that there are tens of thousands of people out there who feel as strongly as we do, who believe that these circumstances call for extraordinary action, and who want to be part of that action in their community.

And we ask with the faith that those who commit to participate and organize actions will participate only in the most dignified manner.

After all, we are the conservatives, standing up for a safe and secure future for our families. It is those we protest, those who profit from poisoning our water, who violate our property rights, and who are radically altering the chemical composition of our atmosphere — and the prospects for survival of humanity — that are the radicals.

Just as we were successful at stopping Keystone XL, we need to be successful against the Bayou Bridge Pipeline.

If you are moved — we ask you to sign the pledge. #NoBayouBridge

Thanks for standing with us.

Cherri Foytlin and the Bold Louisiana team

P.S. Click here to chip in $5, $8, $20 or whatever you can to support the Bayou Bridge Pipeline Pledge of Resistance.


1. “The Keystone XL Pledge of Resistance,”, 3/6/13.

2. “Dakota Access ‘Bakken’ Pipeline Pledge of Resistance,”, 8/24/16.

3. “Three Arrested Stopping Pipeline Construction on Iowa Landowner’s Property Taken by Eminent Domain to Plead Not Guilty,”, 11/9/16.

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Over 400 Gulf Protectors Rally and Testify Against Bayou Bridge Pipeline at Public Hearing

Mark Hefflinger

Tagged Army Corps of Engineers, Bayou Bridge Pipeline, Bold Louisiana, LDEQ
Over 400 pack the overflowing room in Baton Rouge for a public hearing on the Bayou Bridge pipeline. (Photo: Cherri Foytlin)


Cherri Foytlin, Bold Louisiana, 334-462-4484,
Darryl Malek-Wiley, Sierra Club, 504-427-1885
Scott Eustis, Gulf Restoration Network, 504-237-0323,
Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, 504-452-4909,

Over 400 Gulf Protectors Rally and Deliver Testimony Opposing Bayou Bridge Pipeline at Public Hearing in Baton Rouge

Pipeline opponents will also testify at Dept. of Natural Resources public hearing
on Feb. 8 in Napoleonville, Assumption Parish

Baton Rouge — Over 400 concerned citizens packed an overflowing hearing room in Baton Rouge on Thursday evening to voice their concerns about threats posed by the proposed Bayou Bridge pipeline during a marathon 5 ½ hour public hearing.

Over 70 citizens testified in opposition to the Bayou Bridge pipeline during the public hearing held by the Louisiana Dept. of Environmental Quality and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, with pipeline opponents estimated to have outnumbered those testifying in favor of the pipeline by 5-to-1.

Before the hearing, Gulf Protectors held a rally and “teach-in” about the proposed pipeline outside the Galvez Building, featuring speakers including Anne Rolfes of Louisiana Bucket Brigade, Cherri Foytlin of Bold Louisiana, Scott Eustis of Gulf Restoration Network, Lyla June Johnston, local Baton Rouge civil rights leader “Mamma” Seabell, and Shell refinery community member Iris Carter, among others.

View photos from the “teach-in” rally and inside Bayou Bridge hearing:

In addition, a coalition of local and national grassroots groups — including Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Bold Louisiana, Care2, and Gulf Restoration Network delivered petition signatures and written comment submissions at the hearing from more than 106,000 citizens standing together in opposition to Bayou Bridge.

Among the several petitions and testimonies, here is a look at some of the testimonies from the locals and citizens who were physically present to extend their support for this environmental cause. The turnaround from the public was huge and gained widespread attraction just as the online cryptocurrency trading portal – the Bitcoin Loophole.

Quotes from citizens’ testimony at the hearing:

Rachel Roche, Jefferson Davis Parish Landowner:
“This new pipeline adds an additional threat to my rice and crawfish crops because it further threatens our major source for irrigation,” said Rachel Roche. “It threatens the drinking water for me, my family, my neighbors and my livestock… I stand in opposition to this pipeline for the protection of the Atchafalaya and for all of South Louisiana.”

Jody Meche, Commercial Crawfisherman, Council Member for the Town of Henderson:
“The right of way where they propose to put this pipeline in, is an existing out-of-compliance right of way. It’s left behind elevated spoil banks that damages water flow all across the Atchafalaya Basin. It has crippled our ability to make a living as a commercial fisherman in the Atchafalaya Basin,” said commercial crawfisherman Jody Meche. “I appreciate the oil and gas I put in my truck and all the different products manufactured from crude oil, but the amount of money these (oil companies) make from oil and gas, there is no reason we should cripple our environment like it has in the last few decades. It is time for them to conduct business in a way that provided for future generations.”

Rae-lynn Cazelot, Citizen of the United Houma Nation:
“We are at an age where everything is shifting, as well as energy resources are shifting. And so my opposition to this pipeline is one in which I care deeply for this planet,” said Rae-lynn Cazelot of the United Houma Nation. “I pray that we can see things in a long term perspective and not a short term perspective.”

Russel Honore, Green Army:
“Our concern of this pipeline is that we will continue the practice of destroying the Atchafalaya Basin,” said Russel Honore. “We have hundreds of miles of pipelines that run through there now. Many are abandoned, no one claims them and no one is making the people pick them up… You want to go see them? I’ll take you. LDEQ, you do not have the staff to supervise another pipeline. And by the way, the temperature today set a new record at the Baton Rouge airport – 82 degrees, on this day in January. We’ve got a problem and we’ve got to fix it. These pipelines are just endemic of a problem that we’ve got to fix.”

Stephen Wilkerson, Lafayette resident & member of Veterans Stand with Standing Rock:
“These new pipelines that they are planning to put in here are the same pipelines that they put in North Dakota – especially, Billings County. On December 5, a six-inch pipeline spilled 176,000 gallons of crude oil into Ashe Coulee Creek, it went unnoticed for at least six days. This is one of those pipelines that should shut itself down (if a leak is detected)… Let’s talk about jobs. You want to talk about the 12 jobs that are coming? But there is also temporary job, right? They will be temporary during construction, but they will leave. What will also leave is the many rail or truck jobs in the local transportation industry, who will continue to suffer temporary losses… in order to make more money for businesses that are not even in our state.”

Quotes from local groups opposed to Bayou Bridge:

“Many Cajun fisherman delivered heartbreaking accounts of the devastating effects that these pipelines and their illegal spoil-banks have had on livelihoods and culture in The Basin,” said Dean Wilson of Atchafalaya Basinkeeper. “Atchafalaya Basinkeeper demand that the Corps of Engineers starts enforcing the law before any additional pipelines are permitted in the Basin.”

“We need this company to know that the vision we have for our communities does not include more pipelines,” said Cherri Foytlin, state director of Bold Louisiana. “It does not include more land loss or toxic drinking water. It does not include more flooding, or more of our tax dollars going to companies known to pollute us. It does not include temporary jobs, given to people who often don’t even live here. And certainly, it does not include the destruction of the livelihoods of our crawfishers, or the mutilation of a national treasure such as the Atchafalaya Basin.”

“The people have spoken and we don’t want their dirty Bayou Bridge pipeline,” said Anne Rolfes of the Louisiana Bucket Brigade. “The only people in favor were those on the oil industry payroll, including some elected officials they control. But crawfishermen, people from small town Louisiana and we the people delivered a firm message. If they approve this pipeline it will be because the system is rigged. But the movement will only grow. We will put our bodies in front of their bulldozers if we have to. We will stop this pipeline.”

“This pipeline is the largest proposed pipeline impact to wetlands that I’ve seen in my career, and it belongs to a company with one of the worst safety records” said Scott Eustis, Gulf Restoration Network. He continued “We can’t risk 600 acres of storm buffer or the drinking water for over 300,000 residents for another giant pipeline – it’s not worth it.”

“The Corps must do an Environmental Impact Statement on this project,” said Lisa Jordan, attorney with the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic. “State pipelines, like the Bayou Bridge Pipeline, have the potential to significantly degrade the wetlands of the Atchafalaya Basin. We have seen this phenomenon.”

“I was proud to help deliver a Care2 petition signed by over 106,000 people opposed to Bayou Bridge,” said Aaron Viles of the online community “In addition to thousands from Louisiana, supporters joined from every state in the nation and dozens of other countries. If the world understands that the Atchafalaya Basin is an international treasure that’s worth protecting from this pipeline, why can’t LDEQ and our local lawmakers?”

Pipeline opponents also plan to turn out in force on Feb. 8 in Assumption Parish, for the only other public hearing scheduled where citizens may voice their concerns with the project. The hearing in Napoleonville will focus on Energy Transfer Partners’ application for a Coastal Use Permit from the Louisiana Dept. of Natural Resources.

Also of note, the LDEQ and Army Corps said this week that they have extended the deadline to submit comments on the Bayou Bridge pipeline project until Feb. 13, 2017.

The proposed Bayou Bridge project is an extension of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The 160-mile pipeline would run through eleven parishes, from Lake Charles to St. James, cutting across nearly 600 acres of wetlands, 700 bodies of water, and causing significant harm to the Atchafalaya Basin — America’s largest natural swamp and home to several endangered species, as well as the commercial crawfishing industry.

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WATCH: Bold Louisiana director Cherri Foytlin testifies at the Bayou Bridge pipeline public hearing on Jan. 12.

Packed house at the Bayou Bridge Pipeline permit hearing on Jan 12, 2016. (Photo: Julie Dermansky)
Bold Louisiana director Cherri Foytlin speaks at a rally before the Bayou Bridge Pipeline permit hearing in Baton Rouge on Jan. 12. (Photo: Julie Dermansky)
Sisters Jayden and Erin Foytlin speak at a rally before the Bayou Bridge Pipeline permit hearing. (Photo: Julie Dermansky)

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Feb. 10, 2017 Contact: Anne Rolfes, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, 504-452-4909, Cherri Foytlin, Bold Louisiana, 334-462-4484,   Gulf Advocates Hold Press Conference in Baton Rouge to Address Phillips 66 Pipeline Explosion Unexplained pipeline tragedy comes as state agencies weigh controversial Bayou Bridge pipeline project New Orleans — A coalition of Gulf […]
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To meet other Bold states and founder Jane Kleeb, visit the Bold Alliance.


Cherri Foytlin, State Director: Cherri Foytlin is an indigenous writer, organizer, advocate, activist, photographer, speaker, and mother of six who lives in south Louisiana. She is the author of Spill It! The Truth About the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig Explosion, and regularly contributes to In the Spring of 2011 she walked to Washington D.C. from New Orleans (1,243 miles) to call for action to stop the BP Deepwater Drilling Disaster, and has taken direct action in support of human and ecological health of Gulf Coast citizens and communities. She is a Senior Fellow for the Center for Earth Ethics, and a signer of the indigenous Women of the Americas – Defenders of Mother Earth Treaty.

Bold Louisiana was launched by the state’s director, Cherri Foytlin, in 2016. Its main agenda was to stand against Bayou Bridge, Energy Transfer Partners that threatened the bayou ecosystem. Bold Louisiana was also responsible for preventing the offshore drilling in the Gulf and protection against wastewater dumping. Cherri Foytlin has bravely led the water protectors group at Standing Rock against big companies like that of TigerSwan, a powerful security firm. She is one of the most ardent fighters of humanity in the state of Louisiana who has always stood first to protect the land, water, and the people of the state from outsiders, especially from the oil and gas companies, who are looking for ways to exploit the land of Louisiana. All these traits of Cherri Foytlin make her a good candidate to tutor and advice on the CyberMentors platform. Cherri Foytlin along with her dedicated and trusted team has always stood for social justice.  

Lois Carter, Author at Bold Louisiana: Carter is one of the main persons behind all of Bold Louisiana’s promotional activities and causative works. All of Carter’s works include publications focusing on land and water within the state of Louisiana and a few others, steer-headed by Cherri Foytlin.  

Danielle Fusilier, Program Coordinator: Danielle Fusilier hails from a small town in south Louisiana, where she resides with her two children. She has always had a passion for cultural diversity, social justice and providing a helping hand to those in need. Danielle is a graduate of Acadian Technical College, where she received her certificate in Office Systems Technology.

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